Rhizome Harvest

It’s rhizome harvest time!

Dave Wills Freshops harvesting rhizomes
Dave and his crew harvesting rhizomes

As Winter comes to a close, and visions of Spring and getting garden beds ready for plants come to mind – we are busy here at Freshops!  With our extensive network in the Pacific Northwest and with hop rhizome growers all over the world, we are harvesting, prepping, and curating the best for you!

I am proud of my team!  Several have been working with me for 15-20 years.  While others are brewers who come to me to learn more in-depth about the craft of beer-making from farm to brew!

When I started selling fresh, whole-flower hops about 40 years ago, my intent was to make delicious beer.  Selling great hops to others helped the trend of craft beers take off!  The next logical step was to grow my own hops, while still working with bigger farmers to be able to supply you, my beloved customers.  Why keep this to myself?  Of course, I started sharing world-class rhizomes through my business.

fresh rhizomes pile getting prepped for sale
Fresh batch of hop rhizomes

Rhizome Sales Start March 1st

The best time to plant hop rhizomes is in the Spring.  To provide the freshest, ready-to-be-planted product, Freshops reserves selling rhizomes in a limited time frame.  We start shipping on March 1st and ends either when they all sell out or in June -whichever comes first.

Rhizomes types available include Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Canadian Redvine, CTZ, Fuggle, Golding, Magnum, Mt Hood, Nugget, Perle, Sorachi Ace (Japanese!), Sunbeam, and Willamette.  In the descriptions, you’ll find information on each kind of rhizome.  They are also categorized as growing aroma hops, bittering hops, or those that do both.

Ready for yours?  Hop 2 it!  Head over to the home page, and click on the “rhizome” category. This is where you’ll find over a dozen varieties and some with size options.