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Rhizome Variety List

Not all varieties are available at all times. All rhizomes offered by Freshops are female. Click on the variety for a detailed USDA description.

NameSummaryExampleFlavorAlpha MinAlpha Maxhf:categorieshf:tags
Canadian Redvine Rhizome

A hop with vigorous growth, excellent yield, good storage stability and moderate disease resistance that is considered ornamental by some, a secret treasure by others. Comparable to the highly popular Cascade.

56hop-rhizomesgood-storaged-storage high-vigor high-yield moderate-disease-resistance ornamental
Cascade Rhizome

Flowers, citrus & spice with notes of grapefruit create the wonderful bouquet of Cascade hops. Very good grower.  Homebrewer’s #1 hop.

Very successful and well-established American aroma hop developed by USDA-ARS's breeding program in 1956 from Fuggle and Serebrianker (a Russian variety), but not released for cultivation until 1972. It has a flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic. One of the "Three Cs" along with Centennial and Columbus. Substitutes: Centennial and Columbus (but they have a higher Alpha Acid content).hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes
Centennial Rhizome

Flowers and citrus are the most evident aromas.  It has a medium aroma with mid to high bittering value. Often times referred to as Super Cascade. Somewhat finicky to grow.

7.011.1hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes-dual-purpose-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes
Chinook Rhizome

A pine forest washed with exotic spice infused with grapefruit. The alluring aroma and high bittering value has gained this hop the full respect of all brewers. Excellent disease resistant strong grower.

1214hop-rhizomes-bittering-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes-dual-purpose-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes
Fuggle Rhizome

The dominant hop variety in England for 70 years until high alpha varieties were introduced. A low-to-moderate yielding aroma variety that matures early to mid-season.

English and American style alesThis variety was noticed growing "wild" in the hop garden of George Stace Moore's house at Horsmonden in Kent, England in 1861. In 1875 it was introduced by Richard Fuggle who lived in the village of Brenchley (not far from Horsmonden) and hence it was called Fuggle. The aroma is earthier and less sweet than Kent Goldings.45.5hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes
Golding Rhizome

Golding hops consist of a group of traditional English aroma varieties that have been cultivated since 1790. Clones of the variety mature at various stages over the harvest period. A moderate-to-high-yielding aroma variety first planted in the US in 1995 and continues to grow in popularity despite susceptibility to mildews and wilt.

All English style Ales, ESB, Bitters, Belgian AlesThis is a group of traditional and very popular English aroma hops grown prior to 1790. Widely cultivated also in the U.S. They are called East Kent Goldings if grown in East Kent, Kent Goldings if grown in mid-Kent, and Goldings if grown elsewhere in the U.K. There are many different named cultivars such as Amon's Early Bird, Cobbs, Bramling, Canterbury, Petham Rodmersham and in Worcestershire - Mathon. They tend to have a smooth, sweet flavour. Most types of Goldings will work in place of another (Whitbread Golding Variety for East Kent Goldings, e.g.). 46hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomesenglish moderate-yield traditional
Hallertauer Rhizome

“Hallertauer Mittelfrüh” is the traditional German name for this low-yielding aroma variety which is rapidly disappearing due to disease susceptibility (no longer planted in Verticillium wilt-threatened area). Medium to late harvest maturity.

Pilsner, Bock, Lager, WheatLow-yielding, old classic German aroma type.35hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomeswheat
Magnum Rhizome

A late-maturing Hallertauer hybrid developed at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll (Germany) with excellent yield potential, high alpha content, good storage stability and resistance to wilt and Downy Mildew, low tolerance to Powdery Mildew.

Pale Ales, Ales, IPAs, German-style LagerA bittering/aroma type cultivar, bred in 1980 at Hüll, the German Hop Research Instititute. It was bred from the American variety Galena with a German male hop (75/5/3). It seems to contribute to a smooth bitterness combined with a good aroma. This variety is now also cultivated in the U.S.1217hop-rhizomes-bittering-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes
Mt. Hood Rhizome

Hallertauer hybrid that was released in 1989 from the USDA breeding program in Oregon. More vigorous and disease resistant than its German counterparts with low alpha acids, beta acids and cohumulone but high humulene content.

German Lagers, American Lagers, Pilsners, Bocks, Wheat, Alt, and Helles beersSoft American variety developed from Hallertau. Frequently used in styles that require only a subtle hop aroma. Named for Mount Hood in Oregon.47hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomesdisease-resistant floral high-humulene high-vigor low-alpha low-beta mild spicy subtle
Nugget Rhizome

A high-yielding, high alpha, vigorous, disease resistant variety that has become Oregon’s second most widely-grown hop since its release from the USDA breeding program in 1983. It has significant acreage in Washington State as well. Low cohumulone percentage and good storage capability.

All Ales, StoutsFloral, resiny aroma and flavor. Primarily a bittering hop.11.514hop-rhizomes-bittering-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomes-dual-purpose-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomesdisease-resistant good-storage high-vigor high-yield
Perle Rhizome

Moderate, clean bittering qualities and a refreshing, spicy aroma.

German dual-purpose hop. Often used in combination with other hops. Spicy and slightly floral/fruity.79.5hop-rhizomes
Spalt Select Rhizome

A moderate-yielding, moderate vigor aroma type grown in Germany in the Hallertau and Spalt regions and in the US in Washington State. Late maturing and tolerant to Verticillium Wilt, Downy Mildew and Peronspora.

Sterling Rhizome

A Saaz hybrid released in 1998 that displays similar noble aroma and oil composition to the Czech variety, good yield and moderately resistant to Downy Mildew, generally considered a favorable Saaz replacement. Mid-season maturity.

Pilsners, Lagers, Belgian-style AlesAmerican floral hop released in 1998. A cross between Saaz and Mount Hood in character but easier to grow. 69hop-rhizomes-dual-purpose-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomescitrus floral herbal moderate-disease-resistance spicy
Tettnanger Rhizome

An aroma variety with good to moderate vigor and good resistance to Verticillium Wilt.

German Ales, Wheats, LagersNoble German dual use hop used in European pale lagers and wheat beers, sometimes with Hallertau. Comes from Tettnang, a small town in southern Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The region produces significant quantities of hops, and ships them to breweries throughout the world. Substitutes: Saaz, Crystal.45hop-rhizomesgood-vigor medium-yield
Ultra Rhizome

A triploid seedling of the Hallertauer variety with good mid-season yield, good vigor that tends to produce a top-crop, moderately resistant to Downy Mildew and no major reactions to virus infection.

A triploid aroma-type cultivar, originated in 1983 from a cross between the colchicine-induced tetraploid Hallertau mf (USDA 21397) and the diploid Saazer-derived male genotype (USDA 21237m). Ultra is the half-sister to Mount Hood, Liberty and Crystal. Its genetic composition is 4/6 Hallertau mf, 1/6 Saazer, and 1/6 unknown. This cultivar was released for commercial production in March, 1995. It has a peppery, spicy aroma similar to Saaz. Substitutes: Crystal, Saaz, Tettnanger.23.5hop-rhizomes-aroma-hop-rhizomes hop-rhizomesdisease-resistant good-vigor good-yield mild peppery spicy
Wye Viking Rhizome

An English Svalof cross selection related to Saxon bred at Wye college. (Usually just referred to as Viking)  It has an unusually higher alpha acids profile than most aroma types.  Moderate yield.


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Freshops recommends Cascade, Magnum and Nugget for beginners.

The following were sources for the descriptions used in rhizome descriptions.

Rhizomes’ sizes are a function of age, maturity and cultivation. Rhizomes are selected on the basis of viable buds or potential new shoots. We use several criteria to carefully select and ship only viable rootstock. Regular rhizomes take at least 1 year to become established. The second year will produce a full crop.

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