HOW TO TRAIN HOPS Part 2, clip gun and clips

video of Dave Wills How To Train Hops with Clips and Clip Gun

Do you have a lot of hop bines to train in your beer garden, and you’d like an easier method than banging in stakes?  In this video, I give you an alternate way to ground the hop twine.  If you haven’t attached the twine to the overhang, please see my first video, “How to Train… Read more »

How to Train Hops

video Dave Wills How To Train Hops

It’s late Spring, you’ve planted your hops rhizomes in your beer garden, and now the plants are starting to grow!  Once they reach about 2’ high, it’s a good time to start training the bines to grow vertically to help you optimize your hop yields.  Get your stakes, twine, and hammer ready because in this… Read more »

Fresh Whole Flower Hops Make Great Beer

close up of fresh whole flower hops

Welcome to the wonderful world of fresh, whole flower hops! As a beer enthusiast, you know that the perfect brew is not just about the proper kinds of malt and yeast, but also about the right hops. While several forms are available, including pellets and plugs, fresh hops can take your beer to the next… Read more »

Cool Your Home Plant Hops for Shade

hops for shade over pathway

Summers are getting hotter, and energy costs to cool your house are increasing. Why not plant hops for shade as a great to answer the challenge of cooling your home with an effective, sustainable solution while adding some greenery? Hops are for more than making beer!  The Natural Solution: Planting Hops Did you know that… Read more »

Plant Hop Rhizomes Right

4 hop rhizomes quiz bud side up

Plant Hop Rhizomes Right (Side Up!) One of the questions I get asked often is how to plant hop rhizomes in the ground.  My answer is always – buds pointing up! When you receive your hop rhizome, store it in a slightly moistened plastic bag in the fridge until you’re ready to plant.  As part… Read more »

Rhizome Harvest

Dave Wills Freshops harvesting rhizomes

It’s rhizome harvest time! As Winter comes to a close, and visions of Spring and getting garden beds ready for plants come to mind – we are busy here at Freshops!  With our extensive network in the Pacific Northwest and with hop rhizome growers all over the world, we are harvesting, prepping, and curating the… Read more »