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Hop Qualities

Galena Rhizome Flavor

A cultivar developed in 1968 from Brewer's Gold by open pollination in Idaho. An open pollination means that the male hop is unknown. The alpha acid content is relatively high—11.5 to 13.5%—but its co-humulone content and its beta acid range are also high. (Reference)

Hop Growers of America Information

Galena is a high alpha variety that was developed in the Idaho state breeding program in 1978. It has balanced bittering properties combined with an agreeable aroma profile. Galena’s storage stability is excellent. It has often used in both English and American-style Ales.
Commercial Examples:
English and American-style Ales
Acid Range (Alpha %)
11.5–13.5% 11.5–13.5%
Beta Range
36–40% of alpha acids
Total Oils
0.9–1.3 Mls. per 100 grams dried hops
55–60% of total oils
4.5–5.5% of total oils
10–13% of total oils

USDA Galena Rhizome Information

SELECTION: Seedling selection from an open pollinated cross on
Brewer's Gold in 1968 in Idaho.
GENUS: Humulus
SPECIES: lupulus
PEDIGREE: Brewer's Gold (USDA 19001) x OP
PRIMARY SITE: USDA Hop Variety World Collection, OSU East Farm
ORIGIN: Seed collected by R. R. Romanko, Idaho, in 1968,
germinated in 1969 and selected under heavy
inoculations of Downy Mildew fungus (Pseudoperonospora humuli).
DATE RECEIVED: Spring 1978
AVAILABILITY: Commercial cultivar, no restrictions
REFERENCES: R. R. Romanko, J. Jaeger, G. B. Nickerson and C. E.
Zimmermann. Registration of Galena hops (Registration
No. 7), Crop Sci. 19:563. 1979.
Romanko, R. R. In: Steiner's+Guide to American Hops, 2nd. ed. 1986.
Romanko, R. R., and G. B. Nickerson. New Hops. Modern
Brewery Age, MS 5-11, April-1981,
MATURITY: Medium to medium early
LEAF COLOR: Medium to light green
SEX: Female
DISEASES: Downy Mildew: moderately resistant
Verticillium wilt: resistant
Susceptible to powdery mildew
Viruses: free of prunus necrotic ringspot virus and apple mosaic virus
VIGOR: Very good
YIELD: Very good, 1600-2000 lbs/acre
SIDE ARM LENGTH: 20-40 inches
ALPHA ACIDS: 12.0% (10 year range: 8.02 to 14.9%)
BETA ACIDS: 7.5 (10 year range: 4.6 to 9.0%)
STORAGE STABILITY: Very good, retained 75 to 85% of its original alpha acids
after 6 months room temperatue storage
OIL: 1.05 ml/100 g (10 year range: 0.55 to 2.03)
Myrcene 55.2%; humulene 9.2%; caryophyllene 4.1%; farnesene trace
H/C ratio = 2.24
MAJOR TRAITS: High alpha and high beta acids content; very good storage stability
OTHER INFORMATION: Considered to be a super-alpha hop by the trade.
Adapted to Oregon, Washington , and Idaho. In 1986, 4530 acres produced 9.3 mill. lbs (19% of U.S. production). In 1998 total production was 10.72 mill. Lbs (18% of US production), a substantial drop from previous years due to powdery mildew problems.. Galena acreage may decrease in the future.

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