Homebrewing Volume 1

Beginner Basics to Creating Your Own Award-Winning Recipes, by Al Korzonas

“Tells you exactly how to do it, step by step… catches your mistakes before you make them. A hands on, practical guide from someone who knows.” —The late Michael Jackson, internationally renowned beer writer

$15.00 plus S/H

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The Homebrewer’s Garden


How to easily grow, prepare and use your own Hops, Brewing Herbs & Malts, by Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher


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NEW- Freshops Hop Print T-shirt


Available colors: Stonewash Green, Tan

Sizes: M, L, XL (unisex sizing – women order one size smaller for best fit)


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Women’s Freshops Hop Print T-shirt


The Freshops shirt in a women’s cap-sleeve design style.

Color:Lime Green

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL


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NEW- Hawaiian Hop/Barley Print Shirt



Sizes: M, L, XL


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Hawaiian Hops Print shirt



Button-front style: 100% cotton

Sizes: L, XL Color: Rust Orange


Freshops Hop Oil


Steam-distilled oil in alcohol imparts aroma and flavor but no bitterness. Handy when all you can find is hopless beer.

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Cascade Hop Candy



After years of experimentation, fellow hop-head Bob Bero of Ohio has come up with the perfect answer for those times when you’re jonesing for a sweet hop hit. All the kick of Cascade hops without the buzz. Approximately 21 candies per four-ounce bag. Hop to it!

Each 4 oz. bag contains approximately 22 candies.

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Preserved Whole Hop Vines


$69.00 + s/h

Weight approx. 11 lbs. per vine

Shipping for 1 or 2 vines $7.50 – 19.50, depending on zip code.

All vines shipped Ground UPS

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Hop Twine (Coir Yarn)


String your hop vines easily

Made from the coir fiber of the coconut husk and imported from Sri Lanka.

See how Coir Yarn is produced

Commercial Growers have been using Coir Yarn for years.

Cost $6.00/bundle

1 bundle = 10 strings X 20 feet per string = 200 total feet per bundle

Clip Gun


A clip gun and hop clips make stringing even easier.


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Hop Clips


$.05 each (minimum 50 per order)