Select a hop variety.

Easy instructions:

  1. If you just opened this, the variety field is already selected. Type the first few letters of the variety you want.
  2. Use the mouse to select your variety from the list of possibilities.
  3. Click in the weight field, and type in the weight of the shipment. Note: if you click to select the weight, press the enter key before printing.
  4. Print. Don’t worry that this page doesn’t look anything like the label will print– the printer will translate your input to a print-optimized layout.
  5. Delete the contents of the variety field before starting the next label.

For faster labeling, use the keyboard:

  1. For the first label, click in the variety field.
  2. Start typing the variety name. After the first few letters, use the arrow keys to select your variety, and press the tab key to move the cursor to the Weight field.
  3. Type in the weight, hit enter, and you’re ready to print.
  4. After printing, hit the tab key again to return the cursor to the variety field, and continue from step 2 to start a new label.

Troubleshooting printing problems:

If the input starts malfunctioning, try refreshing the page to reset it. If you’re still stumped, email or call 503.708.0478.