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Centennial Hops Flavor

American aroma-type variety bred in 1974 and released in September 1990 by S.T. Kenny and C.E. Zimmermann, the breeders of this variety. Similar to Cascade and Chinook. The genetic composition is 3/4 Brewers Gold, 3/32 Fuggle, 1/6 East kent Golding, 1/32 Bavarian and 1/16 Unknown. One of the "Three Cs" along with Cascade and Columbus. Centennial is often referred to as a 'Super Cascade', since it has a strong citrus aroma.(Reference)

Hop Growers of America Information

Centennial is an aroma variety that was released by Washington State University in 1990. It was derived from
three-quarters Brewer’s Gold with minor contributions from Fuggle, East Kent Golding and others. It is among the most
popular varieties for U.S. craft brewers and is sometimes referred to as a super Cascade.
Commercial Examples:
Ales, IPAs
Acid Range (Alpha %)
9.5–11.5% 9.5–11.5%
Beta Range
29–30% of alpha acids
Total Oils
1.5–2.5 Mls. per 100 grams dried hops
45–55% of total oils
5–8% of total oils
10–18% of total oils
1% of total oils
Possible Substitutions

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