An Introduction to New Zealand Hops

New Zealand has been selling hops in the international marketplace for many years and currently sells hops to clients in Germany, UK, USA, Ireland, Japan, Norway/Sweden, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Australia.

Virtually all of the sprays used in New Zealand are used for weed control as the country does not have any of the diseases and pests such as aphid, downy or powdery mildew, or verticillium wilt. This spray-free factor has created significant interest internationally in New Zealand hops.

Similarly, virtually all of the hop gardens in New Zealand are irrigated with permanent overhead irrigation, which affords consistent and reliable production.

Another factor that has become significant in the “clean green” image of New Zealand hops is that the New Zealand crop is kiln dried using indirect hot water radiators. As a result, no oil or gas fumes come into contact with the hops. Concerns of carcinogenic substances and the presence of nitrosamines, therefore, do not exist in New Zealand.

Tests have shown that New Zealand hops have a low nitrate content, which is becoming increasingly important to the brewing industry.

We wish to point out that New Zealand hops are now recognized as having an excellent dual purpose role in brewing, having good and stable alpha acid and also good aroma. Lagers and ales using 100% New Zealand hops have won many international awards, giving these hops the reputation for less of the harsh bitterness associated with most high alpha-type hops. New Zealand hops have been used exclusively in beers that have twice won the prestigious “Brewer” competition in England. Similarly, lagers using 100% New Zealand hops have won Gold and Silver medals at “Le Monde Selection” in Belgium.