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Hop Qualities

Nugget Rhizome Flavor

Floral, resiny aroma and flavor. Primarily a bittering hop.(Reference)
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Hop Growers of America Information

Nugget is a high alpha variety released in 1983 from the U.S.D.A. breeding program in Oregon. It is characterized by a mild herbal aroma, a low proportion of cohumulone, and good storage stability. It is used by brewers both for bittering and for its aroma profile. Nugget is one of the most widely grown varieties in Oregon and also has significant acreage in Washington State.
Commercial Examples:
All Ales, Stouts
Acid Range (Alpha %)
11.5–14% 11.5–14%
Beta Range
22–26% of alpha acids
Total Oils
1.8–2.2 Mls. per 100 grams dried hops
48–55% of total oils
7–9% of total oils
16–19% of total oils
Possible Substitutions
76% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20° C
2016–2464 kilos per hectare
2259.936–2762.144 kilos per hectare
lbs. per acre
Rhizome Growing Information
Nugget rhizome grows a high-yielding, vigorous, high alpha, disease resistant plant.

USDA Nugget Rhizome Information

SELECTION: Seedling selection 7005-194 from cross 7005 made in
1970 at Corvallis, Oregon
GENUS: Humulus
SPECIES: lupulus
PEDIGREE: USDA 65009 x 63015M; 5/8 Brewer's Gold, 1/8 Early Green, 1/16 East Kent Golding, 1/32 Bavarian, 5/32 Unknown.
PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Variety Collection, OSU East Farm.
ORIGIN: Cross made at Corvallis, Oregon, in 1970
DATE RECEIVED: Selected as seedling 7005-194, USDA Accession No. 21193 assigned in
METHOD RECEIVED: Seedling selection
AVAILABILITY: Commercial cultivar, no restrictions.
REFERENCES: Haunold, A. A., S. T. Likens, G. B. Nickerson, and R.O. Hampton. Registration of Nugget Hop (Registration No. 13). Crop Sci. 24:618. 1984.
Haunold, A. A., S. T. Likens, G. B. Nickerson, and S.T. Kenny. Nugget, a new hop cultivar with high alpha acid potential. J. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem. 42:62-64. 1984.
Romanko, R. R. In: Steiner's Guide to American Hops, 2nd. ed. 1986.
MATURITY: Medium late to late
LEAF COLOR: Medium green to light green
SEX: Female
DISEASES: Downy Mildew: resistant
Verticillium wilt: resistant
Viruses: free of all major hop viruses
VIGOR: Very good
YIELD: Excellent, 1800-2400 lbs/acre
SIDE ARM LENGTH: 20-40 inches
ALPHA ACIDS: 13.5% (10 year range: 9.4 to 17.3%)
BETA ACIDS: 4.6% (10 year range: 2.5 to 5.9%)
OIL: 1.56 ml/100 9 (10 year range 0.8 to 2.57)
MAJOR TRAITS: Very high alpha acids and low beta acids content, low cohumulone content, compact cone, excellent pickability.
OTHER INFORMATION: Considered to be a super alpha hop by the trade. Adapted to Washington, Oregon and Idaho. In 1986, 2861 acres produced 6.1 mill. lbs of hops, 12.5% of total U.S. production. 1991 Production: 9.72 mill. lbs, representing 14.1% of total US hop production 1997 production: 17.90 mill. Lbs. Also grown in Germany, Bulgaria and other countries

Product Tags: • Disease ResistantGood StorageHigh VigorHigh Yield

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