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Magnum Rhizome Flavor

A bittering/aroma type cultivar, bred in 1980 at Hüll, the German Hop Research Instititute. It was bred from the American variety Galena with a German male hop (75/5/3). It seems to contribute to a smooth bitterness combined with a good aroma. This variety is now also cultivated in the U.S.(Reference)
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Hop Growers of America Information

Magnum is a high alpha variety that was developed at the Hop Research Center in Huell, Germany. It is widely grown in the Hallertau region of Germany, and is also grown in the U.S. Magnum is a good bittering hop for Ales and Lagers.
Commercial Examples:
Pale Ales, Ales, IPAs, German-style Lager
Acid Range (Alpha %)
12–17% 12–17%
Beta Range
26–28% of alpha acids
Total Oils
1.9–2.3 Mls. per 100 grams dried hops
30–35% of total oils
8–12% of total oils
35–40% of total oils
Possible Substitutions
90% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20° C
1900–2000 kilos per hectare
2129.9–2242 kilos per hectare
lbs. per acre
Rhizome Growing Information
A late-maturing Hallertauer hybrid developed at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll (Germany) with excellent yield potential, high alpha content, good storage stability and resistance to wilt and Downy Mildew, low tolerance to Powdery Mildew. Germany’s second largest hop variety; limited US acreage.

USDA Magnum Rhizome Information

USDA SELECTION: no information, except that the male parent is 50% Hallertauer mf (USDA 56001 or 21014)GENUS: HumulusSPECIES: lupulusCULTIVAR: Hallertauer Magnum, also called MagnumPEDIGREE: Galena (USDA 21182) x German male hop Nr. 75/5/3PRIMARY SITE USDA-OSU hop yard, East Farm, Corvallis, ORORIGIN: German Hop Research Institute Huell, GermanyDATE RECEIVED: spring 1992METHOD RECEIVED: rhizomesAVAILBILITY: no restrictions, commercial cultivarREFERENCES: Annual Report for USDA Hop Research 1992 and later years German Society for Hop Research Annual reports starting about 1980sMATURITY: medium to medium lateLEAF COLOR: medium dark greenSEX: femaleDISEASES: Downy mildew: resistant to moderately resistantVerticillium wild: resistantPowdery mildew: susceptibleViruses: free of all 5 major hop viruses at time of receiptVIGOR: very goodYIELD: very goodSIDE ARM LENGTH: 20 to 40 inchesALPHA ACIDS: 12 to 17%BETA ACIDS: 5 to 6%COHUMULONE: 26 to 28%STORAGE STABILITY: good to very good, retained over 90% of original alpha acids after 6 months storage at room temperatureOIL: 2.33 ml/100 g (4 year range: 1.2 to 3.7 ml/100 g)Myrcene 60.5%; humulene 18.5%; caryophyllene 4.1%; farnesene traceH/C ratio = 3.50MAJOR TRAITS: very high alpha acids content; good storage stability, low cohumulone content, very good yield potentialOTHER INFORMATION: Very large cones that tend to break up and shatter during picking. Some tendency to form angel cones (small leaflets in the cone which drives up leaf and stem data. The hop is a diploid, 2n= 20. This hop is the major high-alpha hop in Germany and is rapidly becoming the most widely grown hop in that country.

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