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Hop Qualities

Wye Challenger Rhizome Flavor

English hop. Introduced in 1972. Very popular dual-purpose hop in English ales. Used in many traditional English Bitters. When used for bittering, Challenger can impart a pleasant and complex marmalade/toffee/citrus flavour, which enhances strong ales. Substitutes: East Kent Goldings, Phoenix, Styrian Goldings, British Columbian Goldings.(Reference)
Commercial Examples:
English Ales, English Bitters
Acid Range (Alpha %)
6.5–8.5% 6.5–8.5%
Beta Range
20–25% of alpha acids
Total Oils
1–1.7 Mls. per 100 grams dried hops
30–42% of total oils
8–10% of total oils
25–32% of total oils
1–3% of total oils
Possible Substitutions
70% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20° C
1400–1800 kilos per hectare
1569.4–2017.8 kilos per hectare
lbs. per acre
Rhizome Growing Information
Challenger provides high alpha acids, good aroma, and good disease resistance.

USDA Wye Challenger Rhizome Information

SELECTION: Sell No. l/61/55 from a cross made at Wye College England, in 1961
GENUS: Humulus
SPECIES: lupulus
CULTIVAR: Wye Challenger
PEDIGREE: German Zattler-OP x No. Brewer-downy mildew res. male (17/54/2) x (1/61/57)
PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Cultivar Collection, OSU East Farm
ORIGIN: Cross made at Wye College, England, in 1961
DATE RECEIVED: 1971; PI Nr. 369162
AVAILABILITY: No restrictions, commercial variety
REFERENCES: Neeve, R.A. Ann. Rep. for 1969, Dep. Hop Research, Wye College, Univ. London. p 10.
Wagner, T. Gene Pools of Hop Countries. p. 24. Inst. Hop Research, Zalec, Yugoslavia. 1978.
Neeve, R.A. Hops. Chapman and Hall, London/New York. First edition 1991, p. 204.
MATURITY: Medium to medium late
LEAF COLOR: Dark green
SEX: Female
DISEASES: Downy Mildew: resistant
Powdery Mildew: resistant
Verticillium wilt: resistant; also resistant to progressive wilt.
Viruses: unknown
VIGOR: Good to very good
YIELD: Substantially better than Northern Brewer (USDA 64107). Variable yield performance over a 10-year period in small plots near Corvallis (800-1600 lbs/acre).
SIDEARM LENGTH: 12-20 inches
ALPHA ACIDS: 7.9% (10-year range 6.2-9.8%)
BETA ACIDS: 4.6% (10-year range 3.6-5.9%)
STORAGE STABILITY: Good to very good (71% alpha remaining after 6 months room temperature storage)
OIL: 1.35 ml/100 g (10-year range 0.60-1.90 ml/100 g). Humulene 16.4% Caryophyllene 5.5%; myrcene 55.1%; farnesene 0.6%. H/C ratio = 2.99
MAJOR TRAITS: Highly resistant to downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora humuli), higher alpha acids potential than Northern
Brewer (64107) or Bullion (64100); resistant to Verticillium wilt.
OTHER INFORMATION: This cultivar is one of the major hop varieties grown in England in the 1980's and early 1990's.

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