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Cascade Hop Candy

After years of experimentation, fellow hop-head Bob Bero of Ohio has come up with the perfect answer for those times when you’re jonesing for a sweet hop hit. All the kick of Cascade hops without the buzz. Hop to it! Each 4 oz. bag contains approximately 22 candies.

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Clip Gun

Use a clip gun to insert the hop clip which holds the hop twine in the ground.


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Hop Clips (50 per pack)

A clip gun (sold separately) and hop clips make stringing even easier.

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Hop Oil

Steam-distilled Cascade oil in alcohol imparts aroma and flavor but no bitterness. Handy when all you can find is hopless beer.

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Hop Stake (laser-engraved)

Laser-engraved western red cedar plant identification stake.

Don’t assume that you’ll remember which variety of hop you planted when they bloom months later. Use these beautiful stakes to jog your memory and flaunt your good taste in hops.

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Hop Twine (Coir Yarn)

Made from the coir fiber of the coconut husk and imported from Sri Lanka. Commercial Growers have been using Coir Yarn for years. A bundle of coir is 10- 20 ft. strings.  85 lb. test.


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Preserved Whole Hop Vines

The vines(bines) are rather big so it is not inexpensive to ship especially to the east coast.  All vines shipped Ground UPS. Consider planting your own hop rhizomes in the Spring also.

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