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Hop Qualities

Perle Hops Flavor

German dual-purpose hop. Often used in combination with other hops. Spicy and slightly floral/fruity.(Reference)

Hop Growers of America Information

Perle was bred from Northern Brewer at the Hop Research Center in Huell, Germany. It is well established in Germany and is also grown in both Oregon and Washington. Perle is a dual purpose variety with moderate alpha levels and a nice aroma profile. It is popular with growers due to its high yields and resistance to downy mildew and wilt.
Commercial Examples:
Hefeweizens, Strong Ales, Lagers, Pilsners, Kolsch
Acid Range (Alpha %)
7–9.5% 7–9.5%
Beta Range
27–32% of alpha acids
Total Oils
0.7–0.9 Mls. per 100 grams dried hops
45–55% of total oils
10–12% of total oils
28–33% of total oils
Possible Substitutions

USDA Perle Hops Information

SELECTION: Developed from a seedling selection of Northern Brewer at the German Institute for Hop Research Huell near Wolnzach, Germany.
GENUS: Humulus
SPECIES: lupulus
PEDIGREE: Northern Brewer (USDA 64107) x 63/5/27 (a German male)
PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Cultivar Collection, OSU East Farm
ORIGIN: Seedling selection made at Hall, West Germany. Heat
therapy and meristem tip culture at Hall.
DATE RECEIVED: Spring 1980
AVAILABILITY: No restrictions, commercial cultivar
REFERENCES: Wagner, Tone, editor. Gene pool of Hop Countries, Zalec, July 1978, p. 35.
Kohlmann, H. The new hop variety Perle. Mimeographed handout. German Society for Hop Research, Wolnzach, August 30, 1978.
Gmelch, F. Problems in hop breeding (in German). Hopfenrundschau 36(8):141-146. 1985.
MATURITY: Midseason in Germany, early in U.S.
LEAF COLOR: Light green
SEX: Female
DISEASES: Downy Mildew: resistant
Verticillium Wilt: resistant
Powdery Mildew: moderately susceptible
Viruses: free of all hop viruses, except hop latent virus
VIGOR: Very good
YIELD: Good to very good, 1500-1900 lbs/A
SIDE ARM LENGTH: 24-30 inches
ALPHA ACIDS: 8-9% in Germany, up to 11% in U.S. (5 yr. U.S. range: 7.9 to 12.9%)
BETA ACIDS: 4-5% in U.S., 8% in Germany (5 yr. U.S. range: 2.9 to 5.0%)
OIL: 0.6-1.2 ml/100 9, no farnesene
MAJOR TRAITS: Aroma hop considered by some to be comparable to
Hallertauer mittelfrueh, moderately high alpha acids
content, downy mildew resistant. Early maturity in Oregon (about Aug. 20).
OTHER INFORMATION: U.S. and Japanese breweries indicated that Perle is not a substitute for Hallertauer mittelfueher. Moderate acreage expansion in U.S. as a higher alpha/aroma hop for certain brewery blends. 1997 production: 792,400 lbs (about equally divided between Oregon and Washington)

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