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Popular American development in 1976 of the English Fuggle. Named for the Willamette Valley, an important hop-growing area. It has a character similar to Fuggle, but is more fruity and has some floral notes.(Reference)
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Hop Growers of America Information

A triploid hybrid of the English Fuggle released in 1976 from the USDA breeding program. The most popular American aroma hop with approximately 20 of the total U.S. acreage; grown almost exclusively in Oregon and Washington. Moderate yield, matures early to mid-season, tolerant to Downy Mildew, resistant to viral infection.
Commercial Examples:
Acid Range (Alpha %)
1–2% 1–2%
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USDA Lambic Hops Information

USDA ACCESSION NO.: 21041SELECTION: Seedling selection No. 6761-117 of cross 6761 made at Corvallis, Oregon in 1967.GENUS: HumulusSPECIES: lupulusCULTIVAR: WillamettePEDIGREE: Tetraploid Fuggle (USDA 21003) x Fuggle seedling 2-4PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Cultivar Collection, OSU East FarmORIGIN: Cross 6761 made in 1967 at Corvallis, OregonDATE RECEIVED: Selected and Accession Number assigned in 1971METHOD RECEIVED: Seedling selectionAVAILABILITY: No restrictions, commercial cultivarREFERENCES: Haunold, A., C. E. Homer, S. T. Likens, D. D. Roberts and C. E. Zimmermann. 1976. Registration of Willamette Hop. Crop Sci. 16: 739.Haunold, A., S. T. Likens, C. E. Homer, G. B. Nickerson and C. E. Zimmermann. 1977. Columbia and Willamette, two new aroma type hop varieties. Brewer's Digest 52:36-39, 56.MATURITY: MediumLEAF COLOR: Dark greenSEX: FemaleDISEASES: Downy Mildew: resistantVerticillium Wilt: tolerant to moderately susceptibleViruses: free of Prunus, Apple and Hop Mosaic VirusVIGOR: ExcellentYIELD: Very good, 1700-2200 lbs/acreSIDE ARM LENGTH: 24-40 inchesALPHA ACIDS: 6.6% (10 year range: 5.2 to 11.1)BETA ACIDS: 3.8% (10 year range: 2.9 to 5.0)COHUMULONE: 29-35%STORAGE STABILITY: GoodOIL: 0.8-1.2 ml/100 g. Humulene 21.2%; caryophyllene 7.4; myrcene 51.0%Farnesene 5.0%. H/C ratio = 2.89MAJOR TRAITS: Triploid (2n = 30), seedless even in the presence of fertile males, high yield potential, Fuggle-type aroma profile.OTHER INFORMATION: Used as Fuggle replacement by a major U.S. brewer. Grown primarily in Oregon. 2100 acres grown in 1986 (mostly in Oregon) produced 3.4 million lbs (6.9% of U.S. production). Major acreage expansion in 1987. In 1997 Willamette ranked third in US hop acreage (7,578 acres) and produced 11.144 mill.lbs.

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