We at Freshops would like to hear from all of you regarding the quality of our service and if there is any way of improving it, to meet our customers' growing needs.

Freshops would like to thank you all for your support.

I am writing to thank you for an excellent transaction. I just started brewing and decided that growing my own hops would be great. Your website provided me with all the information I needed. It was also nice to find the hops you sell are available even in late May. Furthermore, I was not limited to a minimum order, and ordered just 2 rhizomes, so I can try it without investing a lot of money. The 2 rhizomes arrived in less than 1 week (from Oregon to Vermont) and appear very healthy.

Thank you for your efforts, and I will buy from you guys again in the future.

Curtis Hale

I ordered six different hop varieties for a total of ten rhizomes. My order was placed around March 2, within 48 hours they were at my house. I planted them in a greenhouse on March 5. On March 12 they had all broke the soil and were about a inch tall. On March 12 I went on vacation until March 20. When I got back (in eight days) they had grown about 12 to 15 inches. I have an associates degree in horticulture and in May will have my Bachelor's. I have worked at two of the three largest Nursery's in America, but I can't recall anything that has a more vigorous growth rate than these hops. I just wanted to say thanks for the fast service, and thanks for viable rhizomes. You are a great company!

Mitch K.

I received your root stock in record time and excellent condition. I am impressed.

Sherry Leveque

Just wanted to again thank you for the extremely fresh and prompt shipment of my last order. Just last evening, I brewed up a German style Lager using the N.Z. Hallertauer and Magnum whole hops.

Looking forward to many future purchases and just wanted to thank you for your attention to detail and also for allowing me the chance to make such great beer!

Rick Oftel

As a 13 year home brew veteran, and former president of the Felllowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers, I must say your hops were the freshest and highest quality I have ever seen (smelled). I have been a Northern Brewer fan since vising the Anchor brewery in 1987, but I have never come across any NB hops that rivaled those Anchor uses...until this batch arrived. The 4 oz of Cascade that came as part of your Value Pack were also a delight to behold.

John Boston

Upon inspection, I found that Greg Noonan's recommendation was certainly well taken. He told me recently that I might pay a bit more for your hops, but it would be money well spent. Just from the feel, and smell of these hops, I can say that he was right on the money... thanks for a great product.


I called you on a Friday and ordered 8 rhizomes. The following Monday, I received the order in the mail. You must have processed my order immediately for it to arrive that quickly, thanks! Special thanks to you for tremendous service, great products at great prices.

Joe Harris

I wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with the quality of these hops! I have never purchased whole hops that look and smell this wonderful.

Thanks for quick turnaround on the order, and for making hops of this quality and value available to fellow homebrewers.

David R. Waite

Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding hops rhizomes! I have two 5' by 7' arbors that were simply beautiful this year.

Everyone who saw my garden wanted to know what that gorgeous plant was! Next year they will be covering a 20' x 20' purgola. Thanks again!

Nancy Scott